What is this site about?

Looking for a good distraction? You know you’re A.D.D. We all are. This site was made mainly because I couldn’t focus on my responsibilities and work. Sometimes, things get overwhelming and instead of working on the my never ending to-do list, I end up distracting myself with something else that I enjoy. I made this site so I can gather everything that I stumble upon and enjoy, in hopes that you may relieve your stress and distract yourself when you need to.

Who made this site?

My name is Sinoun (pronounced ‘sin-noon) and I create too many things.

What does “Gone Again” mean?

Sometimes we get distracted and/or overwhelmed. Gone Again is that moment you trail off from something you’re supposed to do. I first heard “Gone Again” many years ago from Patti Smith, as it’s the name of one of her albums.